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Page updated 6.3.2024
MentalHigh – Raising Mental Health Awareness at Higher Education Institutes in Europe and Southeast Asia

MentalHigh – Raising Mental Health Awareness at Higher Education Institutes in Europe and Southeast Asia

Mental health is a crucial aspect of human development, and on the other hand, poor mental health impedes an individual’s capacity to realize their potential, work productively, and contribute to their community. About 75% of diagnosable mental health disorders have their onset in early adulthood. College students in early adulthood are in the life phase where major life changes happen as they adapt to new environments and contemplate their values and priorities. In Southeast Asia, mental health prioritization in healthcare is low, and the risk of stigma can be a significant barrier to accessing mental health services. Universities can promote the mental health and well-being of students through their actions, providing support and assistance as needed for mental health challenges.

The overall aim of the MentalHigh project is to build capacity for
mental health in (and through) HEIs in Vietnam and Cambodia with the long-term goal to transform the universities into health-promoting settings that enable students and all staff to thrive and succeed to their best potential. The purpose of the project is 1) to enable transformative change through greater engagement of decision-makers, academic staff, and support services (Collaborative leadership), 2) to develop a digital mental health platform that addresses unmet mental health needs of university students (Mental health support), and 3) to create a positive mental health culture through health promotion events targeted at the whole university (Mental health promotion).  The results of the MentalHigh project are expected to contribute to the regional priority of governance, peace, security, and human development in Asia.

The main output of the MentalHigh project is a digital mental health platform providing access to mental health resources.  An online course for enhancing resilience and well-being and a mobile app for increasing mental health literacy will be freely available to all the students. The platform will also announce on-campus mental health events and workshops and provide a pathway to traditional on- and off-campus mental health services. Partners in Vietnam and Cambodia will share the rights and licenses of the digital interventions and the digital platform, maintained at least 5 years after the project has ended, guaranteeing that project outcomes should have a significant and long-term impact on the targeted HEIs beyond the projects' lifetime.

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