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Page updated 8.5.2017
Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming (BEE)

Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming (BEE)

Growing need of interoperable e-health services and digitalization in healthcare system all over the world and lack of novel engaging and motivating contents require new approaches to healthcare processes and rehabilitation. The Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming (BEE) project will employ innovative and modern ICT to create evidence-based solutions for patients, professionals, researchers, and enterprises. In addition, the project will involve collaboration with international business ecosystem to enable new business potential in the field for Finnish companies.

The research teams involve international collaboration with Japan, Singapore and China. The aim is to utilize game analytics in existing rehabilitation and exercise games (exergames), prove the effectiveness of exergames and increase their attractiveness and motivation effect. In addition, professionals and end-users need to learn to use digitalized services through a new operating model in rehabilitation.

With the support of the international cooperation and research exchange program, new services and IoT technologies are researched for Finnish companies with possibility to join international business ecosystem through solid cooperation network in Asia.