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Page updated 10.2.2023
SINCOE - Supporting Innovation Competence Development in online education

SINCOE - Supporting Innovation Competence Development in online education

The current COVID-19 crisis has greatly accelerated the need for modernization and digital transformation of education and training systems across the Europe. Meanwhile, our aim is to educate future professionals who must have, alongside with the study field specific competences, innovation competences, i.e., the ability to participate into innovation processes. But how to teach, learn and assess the complex cognitive behavior needed in the creation of innovations in online, blended and distance learning context? 

There are already promising validated methods and tools to assess and develop innovation competences in educational context, such as the FINCODA assessment tool. However, the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning has shaken up HEIs pedagogical practices and shown that HEIs lack knowledge, skills and tools to use those methods and tools in online context. 

The goal of this project is to reinforce the ability of HEIs to provide high quality education by applying innovation pedagogy in digital context in order to develop and assess innovation competences in online, blended and distance learning. 
The partnership will promote networking of institutions across the partner countries sharing resources and expertise and enhance collaboration with experts in educational technologies and relevant pedagogical practices. 

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