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Page updated 1.11.2021
360ViSi – Interactive 360° video simulation

360ViSi – Interactive 360° video simulation

Europe has an increasing need for health workers e.g. because of an ageing population. The education of health workers - nurses in particular - includes a substantial amount of practical training, which poses an increasing challenge on the access to facilities, cost and quality of training. In addition, a general high-level skills gap exist in Europe. Intelligent use of digital technology will contribute to solving the requirements for high-level qualifications, tackling future skills mismatches and enhance practical training among health workers. However, digital training tools for health education usually come at a high cost and limited access.

The main innovative element in this project is to utilize the potential of 360° video in a learning environment - exploring the consumer-accessible 360° video production tools combined with new and engaging digital learning elements within the VR industry.

The project will seek compatibility with LMS - providing the lecturers the opportunity to create and publish low-cost learning tools themselves based upon the 360-video format. Another innovative element is the opportunity to give the educators methods and templates for using the 360° video format, and this will bring a new and engaging learning tool in their learning toolbox. The method of using 360 video will also give the lecturers increased skills within digital media production, increase and make available more digital learning tools across borders.