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Page updated 11.12.2020

PELIMO – Possibilities of gamification in multicultural education

The goal of the Pelimo project is to scan existing material of cultural diversity and create a tool for gamifying it. The form of the game will be decided based on initial mapping. The game is aimed at grades 4–6 and it will be executed in Finnish and Swedish. Teachers and then elementary school students will pilot the game in Turku.  

The Pelimo project starts by scanning existing multicultural education materials in the spring of 2019. The materials are scanned for essential and high-quality content, which is then develop to meet the Finnish needs.  Teachers’ opinions will be considered. At innovation workshops, higher education students from different fields will brainstorm and develop the possibilities of gamification. The best way of gamifying the gathered content will be decided based on the results. 

The game will be developed by the FIRMA learning environment during summer 2019 and piloted in the autumn in cooperation with the City of Turku.