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Page updated 17.9.2021
PedaXR - new technology - new competence - new pedagogy

PedaXR - new technology - new competence - new pedagogy

The use of XR technologies has increased a lot in the recent years and is listed as one of the technologies of future education. Extended Reality (XR) technologies refer to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

XR technology, or extended reality, includes both virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. Virtually produced elements can interact with the real world. The application of budding XR technology in the transformation of working life requires new pedagogy to support teaching and learning to match evolving technologies and operating models.

The PedaXR project aims to strengthen the network cooperation of educational institutions and companies related to XR technology. The aim is to study, identify and respond to the needs for change brought about by technology by developing pedagogy, learning materials and teachers' skills. Through the project, companies and educational institutions will work together, utilizing XR technology to meet the changing skills needs of working life.

During the project, teachers' XR skills will be strengthened and training will be provided. In addition, the project will develop XR courses for social and health care education. Teachers, students, companies and other co-operation organizations are widely involved in the development of the learning contents.