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Page updated 20.3.2023
Open programming and database courses – training for those receiving temporary protection

Open programming and database courses – training for those receiving temporary protection

These Open programming and database courses are provided in cooperation between Turku University of Applied Sciences and the University of Turku. 
As part of a collaborative initiative between the higher education institutions in Turku, individuals who have been granted temporary protection in Finland now have the opportunity to continue pursuing a previously started higher education degree in ICT or acquire additional skills in the field. Taking part in the initiative will allow these students to enhance their employment prospects and facilitates their integration into Finnish society. The students will also be able to leverage the acquired knowledge and skills upon returning to their home country. The initiative will furthermore help address the significant expert shortage in the ICT sector.

The training focuses on providing English-language programming education, in particular, and it is available to all individuals under temporary protection in Finland, including those who have recently arrived from Ukraine, but also anyone with an ability to study in English at a higher education level is welcome. The studies require knowledge of English at proficiency level B1 or above. 
The training provides an opportunity to complete 5–28 ECTS credits of programming and database courses. The studies are first-year studies of a bachelor’s degree programme in ICT. Student can enroll on only one course or several, depending on his/her own needs and interests. 

After completing the courses the student will receive a transcript of records from both institutions, and a separate certificate or diploma of the courses you have completed. The studies can later be recognized and included in higher education studies in either Finland or abroad. The certificate is also an excellent way to demonstrate the expertise in programming to future employers.
First courses are set to start in March 2023.
One of the objectives of the project is to strengthen the cooperation between higher education institutions offering IT education in the Turku region, particularly in the area of English-language bachelor-level education.

The training is free of charge and funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.