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Page updated 31.10.2016
INNOSTAMO– entrepreneurship, new learning environments, models and the development of services to support the

INNOSTAMO– entrepreneurship, new learning environments, models and the development of services to support the

The project aims to build a provincial model of entrepreneurship educations Innostamo-network which promotes entrepreneurial educational activities in different degrees of educational institutions, students' transition phases as well as educational equality. The aim is to develop an operating model of "Innostamomentori" to share entrepreneurship expertise and the application of, to develop the learning environments of entrepreneurial learning, so that they focus on team learning, cross-sectoral networks and innovation. The aim is to promote educational equality, when also under-represented group’s of students can develop skills in labor-intensive learning environments of entrepreneurship.

The aim is to develop a network of partners’ entrepreneurial learning environments in institutions, which already exists, as well as entrepreneurship training and educational paths. In addition aim is to promote responsible entrepreneurship skills, which essentially includes the understanding of an ecological, economical and socially sustainable development as a part of a profitable business. 

The project will develop Innostamo network model, a provincial over crossing institutions borders in entrepreneurship education, Menetelmämentori services including a variety of entrepreneurial learning entrepreneurship forums to share their expertise, application and dissemination. Develop entrepreneurial learning, cross-disciplinary learning environments for meetings and to promote innovation in learning, making use of labor-intensive learning enterprises and schools together. In this case, the world of work carried out in real projects in multi-disciplinary groups of students, piloted activities of Pop Up Innostamo, to build Innostamo in regional areas as well as development of existing entrepreneurial learning environments. In addition to develop, in a network of co-operation, entrepreneurship training as well as education and training paths transitions. The project will result in Innostamo entrepreneurship education network model, approach to entrepreneurship education services and trails, multidisciplinary entrepreneurship learning environments, teachers entrepreneurship skills and students' entrepreneurial skills through the promotion of education and working life transition stages, the realization of youth guarantee, the students to complete the degree, educational equality and labor required skills to develop and employment.