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Page updated 17.9.2021
InnoScope – success in changed circumstances through entrepreneurs’ sustainable innovations

InnoScope – success in changed circumstances through entrepreneurs’ sustainable innovations

The special situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges for enterprises. Prognoses for example in the fields of hotel and restaurant trade, tourism and event production are dramatically bleak. With innovation and developing products and services, productivity and result-orientation can be influenced. This, in turn, has an effect on the improvement of well-being.

The main objective of the project is to help the enterprises to cope with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic by helping and supporting established entrepreneurs and their staff to develop environmentally friendly new business with innovation. The project focuses on assisting the fields which have suffered for the Covid-19 pandemic the most in Southwest Finland. This aim will be achieved with a versatile, future-oriented innovation process which is based on sustainable development and experiments, the help of experts and networking.

The enterprises participating in the project provide commissions for the expert team to work on. In these, the team innovates new opportunities for the enterprises to renew their business. During encounters with entrepreneurs, the enterprises present their operations while other entrepreneurs from different fields, experts and mentors participating in InnoScope support and innovate the entrepreneurs to renew their business.

The expert themes and the related workshops help entrepreneurs to consider their operations from different perspectives and deepen their knowledge. After the innovation parts, the ideas are worked on and implemented with experiments. Participation in different events is also possible.

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