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Page updated 18.8.2023
Next Level - Beak towards flexible and and sustainable growth

Next Level - Beak towards flexible and and sustainable growth

Everchanging world requires companies to have unprecedented ability and opportunity to anticipate and prepare to changing trends. These changes have an effect on the company’s whole subcontractor chain and customer base. Currently companies have a dire shortage of skilled labour and graduating future professionals and job changing professionals demand responsibility from their workplaces.

The project aims to increase Southwest Finland’s small and medium sized companies’ (SMEs) competence on circular economy and carbon emissions as well as managements flexibility towards changes while effectively improving business. The project works with companies in different industries universally, focusing on companies in manufacturing, technology and service.

The project helps companies to increase resilience and improve operations and flexibility as a network, together with other companies and parties. Companies work as a network to design and carry out operations.

The goals are:

  • Support Southwest Finland’s shift towards carbon neutrality
  • Increase peer learning and mutual value creation from sustainable development’s viewpoint between area’s material and energy flow utilizing organizations
  • Promote development of products, services, materials and production methods which encourage carbon neutrality in small and medium sized organizations.
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