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Page updated 28.2.2022
Wellbeing Through Counselling

Wellbeing Through Counselling

Universities support your studies and your life. Do you feel that your studies are not going that well, and your everyday life is also a bit of a mess? Would you like more support from your fellow students and from your university community?

Don’t worry. You are not alone! Many students get exhausted in the middle of distance learning, and everyday life is not going as smoothly as it used to. Luckily, help and support is available.

The aim of the Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project is to innovate solutions to support your wellbeing, coping and learning abilities, and to help you find the support services you need at your own university.

Turku University of Applied Sciences has a student counsellor from September 1, 2021, to February 28, 2023, as part of the Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project. The project is developing solutions to improve the wellbeing and sense of community at universities. The student counsellor works in the student interface similarly to the study counselling psychologists. The student counsellor supports degree and pathway students in issues related to life management and wellbeing during the studies, with the aim of the student's progress in their studies.

Together with the student counsellor, the students seek workable solutions in problem situations that affect their studies. Progress in studies is affected by many everyday issues, such as the student's financial and housing situation, relationships, health status and leisure opportunities. The student's resources may be weakened by, for example, loneliness-related problems and challenges in time management.