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Page updated 10.12.2015
MOMU, Moving towards Multiprofessional Work

MOMU, Moving towards Multiprofessional Work

The main objective of Moving towards Multiprofessional Work, MOMU, is to define and develop new multiprofessional working skills and environments for professionals in art and social work. These skills will respond to the needs of the European labour market in a rapidly changing society.

In order to be competent, educate professionals and answer the needs of working-life, the lecturers need to modify their traditional way of thinking about, for example, education aimed at one specific profession, while also acknowledging their role in building students’ multiprofessional competences.

The main activities of MOMU are

  1. Defining preconditions and existing promising practices for multiprofessional teamwork between professionals of art and social work;
  2. Planning and executing the MOMU Training Package of Multiprofessional Teaching and Learning in partner countries for HEI lecturers of art and social work;
  3. Documenting and evaluating both the training package for HEI lecturers, as well as the multiprofessional courses organized by the participating lecturers in their home institutions;
  4. Compiling and modifying the gained knowledge and materials from the organized training and multiprofessional courses into a comprehensive Handbook of Teaching and Learning of Multiprofessional Work; and 5) Disseminating the results and outcomes of the project through national dissemination seminars and articles written by the responsible organizers of the project activities.

Students of social work and arts in Britain, Estonia, Finland and Spain participate in the multiprofessionally organized training courses organized by the lecturers joining in the MOMU training. The work with the students forms the practical part of the training of the lecturers and will be both documented and evaluated. The students will work in multiprofessional teams to cooperate with the working-life implementing workshops or activities to groups of young people.