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Page updated 24.11.2023
Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

The Mobile Hospital project aims to ease the work of nursing staff with pediatric patients and to reduce children's fear of the hospital and procedures by offering a unique application solution for preparing children for hospital visits and procedures.

Children's fear of hospitalization and medical procedures is often caused by unknown environment and equipment. The fear experienced by children may hinder the work of the nursing staff, for example, when the procedure requires the child to remain sedentary or calm. The challenge that hospitals face when trying to provide children with adequate information and counselling before hospitalization lies in the lack of resources to organize pre-tour of the hospital and lack of counseling materials targeted to the children.

The universities, children’s hospitals and NGOs that improve the care of children in healthcare services will jointly develop the Mobile Hospital application, that utilize the 360 pictures. 360 feature enables children and families to encounter the authentic hospital environment, access relevant information, familiarise themselves with the procedure at their own pace. The application will be piloted and evaluated by end-users (children/families) in three countries. Even if 360 pictures are taking in a certain hospital, the material will be usable also in other hospitals.

The aim is to ease work with pediatric patients, reduce the tension and anxiety experienced by children during hospitalization, and provide guardians with tools to face the child's emotions and prepare them for the necessary measures.

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