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Page updated 24.10.2022
VTC – Virtual Training Certification

VTC – Virtual Training Certification

The goal of VTC project is to create a harmonized certification platform for training competencies virtually. When competence and skills can be verified virtually and remotely, certified competence cards can be linked to individuals using identity verification. The competence can therefore be verified regardless of the location.

Project structure

The project is separated to work packages and use cases: automatic certification of vocational training using combination of artificial intelligence and trainer feedback, effectiveness of certified competence cards, assessments and certification criteria, and state of the art technological tools and digital environments as training scenarios.

Future vision

Virtual environments give possibility for wide-scale remote co-operation training scenarios internationally with minimal effect on the environment. Virtual trainings could also allow for parallelization of training and competence validation to larger scale internationally using the same environments. Harmonization of competence cards, if achieved, could improve work safety and labor mobility.