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Page updated 3.2.2022
Resource orientation and storytelling in health promotion

Resource orientation and storytelling in health promotion

Creating an innovative training package

The aim of the project is to create an innovative training and education package. The package includes a method book, a curriculum, a trainer's manual and teaching materials.

The output can be used to find new ways of approaching work, meeting clients and students, and maintaining well-being at work. The training entity is created using the method of co-operative learning.

The aim of the training package is to increase understanding of the importance of resource-based teaching and health promotion and storytelling for communities, organizations and individuals alike. The aim is also to maintain and develop interaction skills between professionals and the target group.

The novelty of the project for Finnish working life is a new approach to well-being at work, coping at work and career development. The concept of resource-based health promotion and practical pedagogical and didactic activities in the context of well-being are also new values.