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Page updated 9.6.2020

Green mobility chains

In the project, the competence of companies producing passenger traffic and the companies, which utilize these services, is increased in digitizing timetable and route information, energy efficiency, low-carbon operations and developing trip chains and travel information which meet the needs of customers. According to the principles of service design, new trip chains are designed for three pilot routes to be selected in Southwest Finland in an iterative development process, which networks the actors. The chains are piloted in practice. The pilots offer the actors new business opportunities and the customers the opportunity to use more energy-efficient and low-carbon modes of mobility than before. The project strengthens the ecosystem of the mobility services in Southwest Finland.

The aim of the project is:

  1. To increase energy-efficient and low-carbon mobility.
  2. To create new business opportunities for companies, through promoting energy-efficient mobility and understanding trip chains.
  3. To yield new business for the companies by digitizing route and timetable information and piloting low-carbon trip chains.
  4. To increase the networking cooperation of the producers of traffic services with an ecosystem of travel services as a goal, and to increase the competence of companies in the field of traffic services.

The producers of traffic services include companies, service intermediaries or platforms, municipalities and other traffic operators.