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Page updated 17.7.2023
The ETAB - Energy transition for apartment buildings

The ETAB - Energy transition for apartment buildings

The ETAB - Energy transition for apartment buildings project promotes the transition to carbon neutral and local energy production in Southwest Finland. The project will strengthen the skills of local business and housing companies in the design and procurement of energy systems, which is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing future jobs.

Finland's goal of carbon neutrality by 2035 requires an increase in renewable energy production in the country's building stock. The energy consumption of housing is around 22 TWh/year in the whole country. A significant part of this is consumed by housing companies, of which there are around 90 000 in Finland - thus housing companies have an important role to play in building a carbon-neutral energy system.  The project will bridge the knowledge gap between customers and companies, accelerate the energy transition of housing companies and accelerate investment in new energy systems.

The energy system of the housing company will be addressed through pilot projects. These sites will explore the potential of energy storage and electric car charging points, also from the of energy security and low-carbon mobility perspective. The use of energy communities in housing companies will also be explored. A network of housing associations will be set up to enable different actors to share knowledge and experience on energy systems and solutions.

In addition, the possibilities of energy communities in housing companies will be explored. The project will provide information on the needs of housing companies and identify the skills needs of companies providing renewable energy solutions. Participating companies will be provided with on-the-job training, which will develop the RDI ecosystem and improve the competitiveness of companies in the region. The new knowledge will also benefit other business areas, such as energy solutions for the municipal and business sectors.

The project will continue along the path paved by the previous projects UUTTERA - New Business from Energy Communities and KAEV - Sustainable Regional Energy Production and Storage.