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Page updated 9.6.2020

Become an Engineer in Finland

The project aims to design a new study path for immigrant engineers who have completed a degree in technology abroad, and who need to complete their qualifications in supplementary education and develop their professional Finnish language skills in order to be employed in Finland. The project identifies the existing skills of participants and strengthens their working life skills.

The progress of the participants is monitored, and the effectiveness of the measures is assessed throughout the project with the purpose of utilizing the good practices and models produced in the project also at a national level. The implementation of the project is based on the complementary competencies of project partners and business partners. As a result, the project develops a study path that supports the recognition of immigrants’ know-how and accelerates their access to employment or education. Accordingly, the participants will increase their knowledge in the Finnish working life, strengthen their Finnish language skills and significantly increase their prospects for employment.

Asiasanat: Employability, immigrants, engineering education