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Page updated 8.11.2016

FISS Southwest Finland

Southwest Finland as a pioneer in circular economy

In the FISS Southwest Finland project, the creation of industrial symbioses in Southwest Finland and throughout the country is promoted, companies and other actors are supported with enhancing resource utilization and closing substance flows. In addition, the aim is to create new business based on circular economy.

The project utilizes the FISS (Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System) model of operations within the region. The model of operations is based on facilitation and workshops, which seek synergies and development opportunities for circular economy. The FISS Southwest Finland project works as the starting point for the model of operations in the region and at the same time, as the regional coordinator. After the project’s completion, the activities can be maintained as a part of the regular activities of the project partner organizations.


1. supporting competence development and initiatives to build resource efficiency and circular economy into strong areas of Southwest Finland
2. improving the profitability of business activities in Southwest Finland by enhancing the companies’ use of materials and energy
3. creating new business by utilizing waste and material flows produced in the region
4. finding out the competence development of companies in forming industrial symbioses
5. establishing networking activities which aim at resource efficiency in the regular business culture of SMEs
6. increasing the cooperation between SMEs and research organizations.