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Page updated 25.9.2017
FINCODA – Framework for Innovation Competencies Development and Assessment

FINCODA – Framework for Innovation Competencies Development and Assessment

The FINCODA project modernizes the competence assessment at universities and in companies. The project continues the joint European development work of the innovation competence measurement tool created earlier in the INCODA project. The use of the measurement tool will especially be targeted at companies. The project also develops learning environments and ways of action which promote innovation competences. In addition, the project deepens the opportunities for student–company cooperation amongst the participating actors.

Innovation competences, such as problem-solving skills and creativity, are central competence areas in working life. At the moment, universities and companies have no tools or methods of assessing innovation competences. Traditionally, the assessment of competence has been based on written exams and emphasizing field-specific competence. The modern society also needs assessment which serves the development of other types of knowledge, skills and attitudes. In addition, methods for the assessment of action or behaviour are also needed.


• developing the assessment of innovation competences and a measurement tool for the purpose in question
• developing and implementing learning environments and teaching methods which create innovation competences
• increasing the renown of assessment of operations at universities and in companies.