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Sami Lyytinen

Mr Sami Lyytinen

MSc, Degree Programme Leader Phone: +358 44 907 2063 Email: firstname.lastname@turkuamk.fi Location: Joukahaisenkatu 7, 20520 Turku EduCity Unit: Engineering and Business, Chemical Industry Degree programme: Energy and Environmental Technology
Competences: Innovation pedagogy, Energy technology, Competence in regional, environmental and communal development, Sustainable development, Pedagogical competence, RDI competence, Customer competence, Open access publishing, Open source code, Open science, Open-plan offices, Biofuels, Life cycle analysis, Accessibility/achievability/usability, Training in English, English, Excel, Physics, Genetic engineering, Competence in purchasing, Waste management, Management (matters and people), Competence in publications, International affairs, Circular economy, Written communication, Cognitive psychology, Education design, Competence in cultures and internationality, Quality, Wireless technology, Children and youths, Business competence, Natural materials, Creative Design, Marketing, Mathematics, Media, Noise, Change management, Sales competence, Guidance competence, Thesis supervision, Student administration, Student register, Competence in developing organisational operations, Spatial data, Hospitality management, Project competence, Resource efficiency, Group supervision, community competence, Stakeholder group work, Oral communication, Design competence, Systemic innovations, Information acquisition skills, Scientific writing, Data administration, Information systems, Databases, Teamwork, Functional methods, Enterprise resource planning systems, Production control and development, Production/project-based learning environment competence, Research competence, Research Ethics, Cooperation with working life, Well being at work, Occupational safety, Workplace communication, Sports management and marketing, Validation, Early childhood education, Online pedagogics, Online learning environments, Competence in multi-use and protection of water systems, Aquatic technology, Aquatic research, Export competence, Communications, Community pedagogics, WWW services, Language revision, Supporting living at home and the ability to function, Rehabilitation – multidisciplinary work, Child protection, special support to children and youths, Tourism, Marne engineering, Design competence, Music, Service competence, Competence in the bank and insurance field, Psychology, Simulation skills, Financial and funding competence, Electrical engineering, Art, Information security, Data Protection, Product development, Empowering customer work, Community communications
Office: A329