Page updated 31.1.2017
Fine arts

 Arts Academy

TUAS Arts Academy offers higher education in culture and arts in four programmes:
•    Performing Arts
•    Fine Arts
•    Media
•    Music

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures an innovative learning community and a unique environment for learning, development and inspiration.

TUAS Arts Academy has about 600 students, some of whom are adult degree students. continuing education offers an opportunity to maintain and develop professional skills.

Research, development and innovation (RDI) activities in collaboration with businesses and communities are an important duty of our institution. Our RDI projects enable students to familiarise themselves with their future professional field and engage in multidisciplinary collaboration with project partners. Learn more about our projects through project search.

Our inspired students and employees provide service products that offer experiences, new perspectives and creative solutions to our clients.

Arts Academy is a prominent regional operator in the field of culture. Information on our performances, exhibitions and other events is available in the calendar of events on TUAS’ website.