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Page updated 8.4.2020


Baltic Loop development project aims to develop west-east traffic across the Baltic Sea. The project is financed by the  of the EU Central Baltic Programme  aims for  the identification and reducing of bottlenecks and problems along the corridors. The project ends at the end of 2021.

Furthermore, objective of the project is to create new possibilities to new services and businesses which support the growth and the development and to business with the cooperation of the public sector and private sector. Special attention is paid to make the operations of the freight and terminal terminals more fluent and time saving. The project consortium consists of seven partners from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

The project targets three west-east  development transportation corridors in the economic zone of the Baltic Sea: Örebro -Stockholm - Turku - Helsinki - Russia, Örebro - Stockholm - Tallinn - Russia and Örebro - Stockholm - Riga - Ventspils - Russia.

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