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Page updated 27.10.2021
Textile Flows in Finland

Textile Flows in Finland

In the project, the textile flow information from 2012 is updated. Statistical data is utilized in the evaluation of textile production, import and export. Information on the amounts of textiles consumers have taken out of circulation and what happens to the textiles after the collection is gathered with surveys and interviews from the actors within the textile chain. The aim is also to map the discarded textiles from stores, dry cleaners, companies and similar sources. 

Along with strategies and policy programmes targeted at the textile system, which aim at directing the operations of the textile chain towards a more sustainable basis, the need for up-to-date information on textile flows is emphasized. 

Actions are needed throughout the entire value chain of textiles and in this case, it is important to plan the actions based on the latest data. A textile strategy is being prepared by the EU. Behind the actions planned for implementing the strategy, basic information on the current volumes of textile flows, their distribution between different actors and different utilization and waste collection solutions is required. In addition, an overall picture of textile flows helps evaluate points where changes would be required.

Textile flows in Finland 2019

Total supply of new textiles in Finland 174 457 tons, of which 43 646 tons were exported, 61 097 tons were used in other industries and 69 713 tons were directed to households.
Overall flows of new textiles in Finland in 2019. Click to enlarge.
52 014 tons of end-of-life textiles were treated in energy recovery, 15 012 tons were treated in material recovery, 14 043 tons were exported and 3 680 tons were reused.
Overall flows of end-of-life textiles in Finland in 2019. Click to enlarge.
40 376 tons of households' textile waste ended in household mixed waste, 22 739 tons were separately collected, 4 364 tons were given to friends or family and 2 335 tons were exhanged C2C.
Overall flows of textiles used in households in Finland in 2019. Click to enlarge.