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Page updated 18.5.2018

The AASE competition – Expanding Online Competition Concept in Technical Sales and Writing a Guide for Technical Sales

The project promotes the skills in technical sales by developing an online selling competition and producing a technical sales guide for students. Based on the experiences from the European Sales Engineering Team Competition which was piloted in spring 2017, the concept of the competition will be further developed, the awareness of the competition is improved and the objective is to increase the number of participants. The 2018 competition is arranged in cooperation between TUAS and ESTA Belfort (France). 

The online competition, when successful, will also enable the generation of new and innovative sales engineering teaching methods for European engineering students. The competition helps develop new ways of teaching technical sales and negotiation skills, thus affecting sales practices and competence in a positive way. As the number of participants grows, the number of higher education institutions offering studies in sales engineering will also increase. The collaboration and knowledge exchange between the technical universities in Europe will simultaneously be strengthened by sharing best practices between the countries.

With the help of cooperation companies, students will have stronger contact with working life, which will improve their future employment.  When successful, the renewed competition will encourage higher education institutions to renew their sales and engineering studies towards stronger working life orientation and enable the employment of students in the Finnish and European working life.