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Page updated 30.11.2023
Supporting the security of supply of the marine industry network

Supporting the security of supply of the marine industry network

TOIVAR project promotes the competitiveness of the maritime cluster in Southwest Finland by improving the disruption management and resilience of marine industry companies operating in the region, and thus the reliability of supply throughout the network. The project aims to

1) improve the security of supply and risk management skills of a network of maritime SMEs, which will contribute to supporting and improving their adaptability to changes in the business environment.

2) increase understanding of how preparedness for disruptions at different parts of the supply chain can contribute to security of supply across the network; and

3) the role of resilience in different types of supply chains.

The project targets SMEs in the marine industry network in Southwest Finland. With the companies, opportunities to manage disruption and increase resilience will be explored, not only on a company-by-company basis, but also through joint actions with partner companies. Companies will also have the opportunity to assess their own risk management through a web-based self-assessment tool. In addition, webinars will be organised around the theme, aimed at all maritime companies operating in the region.

Cordinating research group: Logistics and Transport

Picture copyright: Meyer Turku Oy

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