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Page updated 8.1.2021

SUSIE - Sustainable Business and Employability through HEIs’ Innovative Pedagogy

SUSIE expands the results of IRIS in building HEIs capacity in Tanzania, increasing accessibility to studies and information, promoting innovation capabilities and creating concrete job opportunities for sustainable employment. SUSIE is executed by TUAS and three partner Universities in Tanzania, together HEIs, NGO’s, authorities and private companies.  

The context of the project Sustainable Employability through HEI’s Innovative Pedagogy (SUSIE) is to build Higher Education Institute’s (HEI’s) capacity in Tanzania. SUSIE activities are aimed towards young peoples’ employability, innovations generation and working life skills, as well as reaching new students in rural conditions via e-learning solutions, to have access to studies to improve their employability in the private sector.  The goal of employability and promotion of innovations is supported by a selection of NGO’s and private sector companies in the project. 

SUSIE (e-) pedagogical developments, Campus HUBs and library learning centre e-course offering are addressing global goals; green economy. This is a conscious choice of course contents to promote awareness of climate change effects, to open and diversify private sector with potential innovations and start-ups in the field and to make SUSIE company cooperation easy, mutually beneficial and concrete around a common theme. 


The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) supports cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Finland and the developing world. The projects support the HEIs as they develop their subject-specific, methodological, educational and administrative capacity. The programme is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and administered by the Finnish National Agency for Education.