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Page updated 31.3.2016
Pilot project: an innovation cluster of textile recycling

Pilot project: an innovation cluster of textile recycling

The pilot project tries to find cost-efficient solutions for the utilisation of textile waste, and to concretise circular economy for the general public.

The amount of textile waste has been on the rise in Finland in the 21st century. At the moment, 30% of the waste is reused and 14% recycled. Consumers are willing to recycle textiles and even sort them themselves.

The aim of the pilot project is to:
find out the quality, amount and ways of collecting end-of-life textile raw material,
find cost- and resource-efficient ways to better utilise textile waste according to the priority order,
create uniform methods of operation and instructions and
create a growth platform for new business which utilises recycled textiles.

During the pilot, the applicability of different collection methods on collecting textile waste is tested and the composition of the collected material is studied. The communications aims at increasing awareness of the project among locals. The project cooperates closely with similar actors and looks for parties who utilise the material.