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Page updated 19.10.2021
Tools for construction site water quality management

Tools for construction site water quality management

The objective of the Tools for construction site water quality management (Työkaluja työmaavesien laadunhallintaan) project is to decrease the pollutant loading occurring from construction site stormwater runoff. The project is a joint effort between Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Helsinki.

The project aims at compiling and producing information about the volume of the loading originating from construction sites, estimating the significance of the loading to urban streams and to the Baltic Sea and establishing limit values for the construction site runoff, to protect the biota living in urban streams. Construction site pilots in Helsinki will be used to gather information about the quality of construction stormwater runoff and to test different quality management structures.

The goal of this project is to develop the process of construction stormwater management in cities and municipalities, and to produce information and educational materials for municipalities and construction companies about the loading from construction sites and concreate tools to minimize the harmful effects on watercourses.