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Page updated 23.1.2020
MEET −  Inclusive Emergency

MEET − Inclusive Emergency

This thirty-month project -December 2019 to May 2022- aims to develop the first open and multilingual e-learning platform for firefighters on emergency planning and response when involving individuals with disabilities.

The e-learning platform will be accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones and it will include the following modules:

  1. Module: Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  2. Module: Visual and Hearing impairment.
  3. Module: Physical impairment.
  4. Module: Mental impairment.

Once the first development of the e-learning platform is completed, the project partners will test it with firefighters from four countries to assess how effective it is in delivering the target learning outcomes.

Based on the testing results, the project partners will implement the necessary improvements before the final publication of the e-learning platform, in May 2022, in five languages -English, Danish, Spanish, Finnish and Slovenian- under a Creative Commons license. Thus allowing anyone to freely use it, modify it and build upon.