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Page updated 9.6.2020

DUUNI – From Parenting Skills to Working Life Strength

DUUNI – From Parenting Skills to Working Life Strength is a national project entity for supporting the working life abilities of young parents by utilizing and developing the competence of third sector operators in the field of culture and sports.

The target group of the project are young parents (approximately 16–29-year-old) who have become parents at a young age, whose upper secondary education is incomplete or who have stayed at home with children after their parental leave. After staying at home for a longer period, they are in danger of being left out of the job market and opportunities for education.

During the project, individual and group guidance for young parents (N=200) is piloted. The objective is to promote the participants' working life skills and preparedness and to recognize competence by utilizing the skills acquired through parenthood.

In working with the third sector, culture and sports operations are crucial. The participants’ own activities and tailoring the implementation individually form a central part of the project work.

The aims of the project

The project aims at planning and implementing interventions for e.g. recognizing own competence, supporting verbal expression as well as developing interaction and working life skills by utilizing drama techniques and physical methods.

The aim of the project is to support and strengthen young parents' working life skills and preparedness as well as their ability to recognize their competence towards work or studies.

Together with the target group and third sector operators, different methods to recognize the competence from parenting skills are planned, tested and documented. The project improves the methodical competence of professionals working with youth guidance and enhances the cooperation between different sectors through occupational counselling oriented e-training.