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Page updated 6.5.2024

KOTEK – Specialization Education in Using Modern Technology in Home Care of Elderly People

The population is ageing at an increasing pace and more and more elderly people need support in their daily activities at home. The increasing number of customers, shattered operational environments and increasingly complex problems require new solutions and competence development. One approach is to promote the use of modern technology and related knowhow in home care.

The KOTEK project plans a UAS level specialization education in utilizing modern technology in the home care of the elderly people. New information will be produced regarding different health technology and digital solutions in home care environment together with working life actors. On the background, there are requirements by the health and social services reform for higher quality and more extensive and efficient home care.

The project comprises a technology analysis, education comparisons, planning and constructing of learning environments and planning of specialization education.

Turku University of Applied Sciences is responsible for conducting the technology analysis. The work package involves carrying out a comprehensive national and international analysis of the technological equipment and service solutions that are used in home care and well-being services and suitable for the specialization education.