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Page updated 30.5.2018

KuPe – Availability and Allocation of Safety and Emergency Services for Municipal Citizens

The aim of the KuPe project is to identify the critical success factors that will guarantee equal safety and emergency services for municipal citizens in the constantly changing safety environment and with increasingly tight resources, especially considering the regional government, health and social services reform and the related project for reforming the rescue services.

The research investigates the critical elements that must be taken into account in terms of rescue services in structural reforms in order to ensure the safety of citizens. The level of the official services offered by the rescue services that is under a structural reform and constant changes must be maintained both in the change process and after it. The rescue services will possess sufficient resources and the capacity for preparing for sudden and severe situations of crisis also in future. The rescue services will also constantly maintain and develop their competence in a manner that anticipates future threats and needs for change.

The research focuses on the rescue services and, in that regard, emergency services. However, on a wider scale, the research also considers the Police and with regard to cooperation, the Customs and the Border Guards. In addition, it is necessary to view the extending role of the third sector and private operators in the big picture.