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Page updated 21.2.2023
PODI – Paths and Services for Digital Guidance and Learning

PODI – Paths and Services for Digital Guidance and Learning

The PODI – Paths and Services for Digital Guidance and Learning project focuses on the digitalization of the guidance process and methods, the development of digital skills and the promotion of continuous learning in educational organizations in Southwest Finland.

The projetc aims is to develop digitally achievable guidance and the digital competence of students and educational organizations, and promote cooperation between regional guidance actors in Southwest Finland.

As a result of the development work:

  • The digital skills and abilities of students and teaching and guidance staff in educational organizations to use them in education (learning, teaching and guidance) and in working life have improved.
  • Guidance paths and processes for educational organizations have been developed and digitized. Digitized guidance services and processes enable better accessibility of services and digital guidance tools have been integrated into the learner-based guidance process in a more diverse and effective way.
  • The digital guidance experiments, which have been proven to work and are being evaluated, will continue, and will be more widely used in the project implementing organizations.
  • Knowledge and experience of good practice is shared with other organizations.

Long-term effects of development work:

  • Students' advanced digital skills have improved their position in the labour market and these skills continue to enhance their capacity for lifelong learning and career planning. 
  • The online pedagogical skills and digital guidance skills of the teaching and guidance staff have become part of the basic work and accumulated skills of individuals have been shared in work communities.
  • The guidance services and processes developed and digitized during the project have provided permanent, innovative and value-added solutions to the existing guidance services of educational organizations in the region. The new ways of working brought to existing learning and guidance environments with the development of digitalization have been actively utilized in educational organizations.
  • Cooperation between guidance actors has intensified in Southwest Finland.