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Page updated 18.5.2018

PoraKONE – Responding to Local Structural Change in Economy by Augmenting Engineering Education

Rapid changes in the need for workforce in business and aging of knowledge are acknowledged problems in the contemporary labour market. In the PoraKONE project, a new kind of response will be developed for the rapidly changing skills needs of engineers.

A novel model of cooperation will be developed in cooperation between the universities of applied sciences in the Six City Strategy (6Aika) area. The model can be extended to the whole of Finland. The project also involves a new kind of model for digital interaction with enterprises.

The effects of the PoraKONE project in employment are significant. The duration of unemployment periods for engineers can be minimized with prompt and targeted training for new employment opportunities in growth industries. Starting the studies and the progress are flexible from the student's point of view, as the extension modules are individually available all the time. 

It is estimated that 250 engineering students (about 600 personmonths) will participate in the pilot trainings within the project.