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Page updated 29.6.2021
ARVO – Multiprofessional support for life management through network

ARVO – Multiprofessional support for life management through network

The idea of ​​the ARVO project is to bring together the actors who maintain food-aid and low-threshold meeting places, and to support their activities so that more can be achieved with few resources. Coordination of services is needed because of the high number of people in a poor life situation and the need for immediate service. The corona pandemic has led to an increase in the need for guidance and services for the most vulnerable.

Multi-professional cooperation between actors in food-aid and low-threshold meeting places emphasize customer-oriented support in their own operating environment.

The goals of the ARVO project are

  1. To minimize the fall and non-service of the unemployed, the people outside working life and the people of working age with difficult life management challenges, and to strengthen the experience of inclusion through peer and life management groups.
  2. Describe a multi-professional network map of NGOs and deacon work that will enable actors to respond to the situations of those in a difficult position in the labor market and in life management. In addition to this, a new network-like way of working and tools will be created that provide support for critical transitions between services,  bringing the customer to the forefront of services.

To achieve the goals, inclusive activities will be developed at food aid and low-threshold the meeting points (organizations, diaconal work). The network map identifies regional actors and their strengths.

The new network-like way of working and tools change the already existing cooperation between organizations and diaconal work through co-creationt. Co-creation is reflected in the ARVO project as goal-oriented and equal co-operation between people and organizations.

The network map, the network-like way of working and the tools are introduced in the everyday life of the actors.

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