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Page updated 14.12.2022
SIMBA - Simulation-based learning in Occupational Therapy Education

SIMBA - Simulation-based learning in Occupational Therapy Education

The main objective of SIMBA is to integrate simulation-based learning (SBL) and evaluation into all phases of occupational therapy training, so that students are active participants in their learning process and feel qualified when entering working life as occupational therapists after graduation. 

The objective of SIMBA is to design and apply the evidence-based SBL to the various phases of the training of occupational therapy between five partner organisations. In the long term, SIMBA will promote professional skills, and competence and thus increase the quality, safety and efficiency of occupational therapy services. 

SIMBA will develop an online platform where students and teachers of occupational therapy can share material and information openly with everyone. This online platform will promote and encourage the initiative of students in self-learning. The online platform will be open to all to promote international and inter-university educational cooperation. In addition, this online platform will focus on and disseminate information on SBL to students, professionals and stakeholders.

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