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Page updated 23.2.2022


TEHOTEKO improves the SMEs' ability to use artificial intelligence

The TEHOTEKO project, which stands for "Industry Utilising Artificial Intelligence in Software", tests algorithms to determine their suitability for the needs of each company. The project also aims to create methods that use ready-made AI software libraries in the company's own product development.

The effective use of digitalisation focuses on the large-scale deployment of AI. This is a major challenge for the SME sector, due to the high skills barrier and the difficulty in hiring skilled staff. In addition, testing the performance of algorithms in real environments is a challenge because SMEs are unable to develop the necessary infrastructure themselves. TEHOTEKO will help companies by providing the necessary testing platform and by increasing the skills to address their skills gap. The project is open to all SMEs in the Southwest Finland region.

TEHOTEKO is based on ARPA (Applied Research Platform for Autonomous Systems), a test platform for maritime automation, autonomy and remote control established by Turku University of Applied Sciences, which supports companies in Southwest Finland, especially in the area of blue growth. The TEHOTEKO project makes extensive use of the ARPA test platform. Business-university cooperation is new in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Southwest Finland. TEHOTEKO strengthens cooperation and confidence in the skills of both companies and universities.

The results of the project are:

  • a method to create open datasets for the development of AI algorithms
  • a testbed, an autonomous vessel, to verify the performance of the algorithms
  • a method to use ready-made AI software libraries in the company's own product development.