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Page updated 25.9.2023
Learning coach for high school

Learning coach for high school

At high school, changes are needed to implement the new curriculum. In the Learning coach for high school project, the focus is on learning and working together instead of teaching. Teamwork, joint planning of projects, and systematic and refectory documentation produced by students break the traditional high school teaching practice divided by subject. Information is combined and shared together with others. Working life is integrally involved in everything. Refecting is an essential part of the process. Refecting is done as self-assessment, peer assessment, joint assessment. Guidance is attached as part of the learning process.

With the help of the project, high school teachers are encouraged to experiment:
- a coach approach to guiding learning
- cooperation in a team, which includes teachers of different subjects and representatives of different professions
- cooperative learning, which makes extensive use of various stakeholders and learning environments
- formative assessment.

The goal is for the high school teacher to get:
- knowledge and experience of coaching and learning in a team
- innovative solutions for teaching their own subject
- operating models for working life cooperation
- new stakeholders (companies, experts, universities) for teaching planning
- reinforcement for formative assessment and continuous learning guidance.
The project includes fase to face and one line days, guided workshops and independent work.

Project results:
- Coach learning guidance increases in the teacher's own work
- Learning in a team and building knowledge together can be seen in the everyday life of high school students
- Learning is planned together with the work life partner
- Stakeholders (companies, experts, universities) are utilized in the learning process.
- Formative assessment skills become visible. Student portfolios are used systematically.

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