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Page updated 9.1.2023
LIFE Chemical Ambassadors for Europe

LIFE Chemical Ambassadors for Europe

We generally associate hazardous chemicals with heavy industry and polluted hotspots in the vicinity of chemical or other type of productions plants. However, we encounter many hazardous chemicals even in our homes and working places. This is because products like cleaning products, textiles, ICT equipment and construction and interior design materials can contain hazardous substances.  

Even though from the global perspective we have good chemicals legislation in the EU, the restrictions and bans of harmful substances in draggin behind. Control of hazardous substances via legislation is slow and bureaucratic process and we should apply prudence principle when we use materials and products that can include hazardous substances.

Objective of the LIFE Chemical Ambassadors for Europe project in Finland is to increase the awareness and skills of the city of Helsinki’s and other Finnish municipalities ecosupporters about hazardous chemicalsand to decrease the hazardous substances loading in the working place. In addition the project pilots Finnish ecosupport operation model in the municipalities in France and Greece. 

Project produces training materials and implements training for Finnish ecosupporters. Campaign site available at turkuamk.fi/kemikaalikoulutus (in Finnish)

In other parts of the Europe project objective is to reduce hazardous chemical poducts in households via cosumer campaigns. More information available at LIFE Chembee's international website .

LIFE ChemBee logos. The Project LIFE ChemBee (No. LIFE21/GIE/DE/101074245) is funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union.