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Page updated 16.4.2018

ÄlyVESI – Intelligent waterborne traffic

ÄlyVESI project investigates the development possibilities of waterborne traffic in cities. The project develops different concepts and reflects the alternative ways of implementation, energy solutions, reliability and safety of the concepts. As methods, the project utilizes workshops and questionnaires as well as surveys and scenarios of passenger numbers and service needs.

ÄlyVESI is a product development and innovation project between cities, businesses and institutes of higher education. The objective of the project is to create an open innovation foundation for researching, developing and testing new technologies and solutions to enhance intelligent waterborne traffic in cities. The project launches the development work and the innovation process, which will continue after the project in different pilot projects and the product development processes of enterprises.

The project seeks to find solutions to the prospects of intelligent waterborne city traffic from the perspectives of potential users, commissioning parties and implementing parties/manufacturers. The development of intelligent waterborne traffic is new as such, and to aim at operating with unmanned vehicles only increases the novelty value.