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Page updated 6.5.2024
Circular Economy Competence to Universities of Applied Sciences

Circular Economy Competence to Universities of Applied Sciences

The project improves the quality and openness of multidisciplinary education at universities of applied sciences by promoting circular economy competence and collaboration with emphasis on international activities.  The planning and piloting utilizes the philosophy and strategy of Industry 4.0. 

Learning environments and methods are developed by utilizing the strengths of the 19 universities of applied sciences participating in the project. The learning environments are tested within the circular economy studies included in different competence areas at universities of applied sciences.

The experiences and best practices of a new kind of cooperation will be established as a permanent part of the UAS world. Simultaneously, aspects of circular economy will be regularized as part of study plans. 

The objectives are to 

• improve the quality of education, guidance, teaching and learning,
• increase the selection of studies in circular economy,
• enhance the circular economy competence of higher education institution staff members,
• develop and renew teaching methods,
• develop and pilot learning environments in cooperation with companies,
• increase the international attraction of universities of applied sciences and the export of competence by developing circular economy studies in different languages,
• determine and agree on common operational concepts both between different universities of applied sciences and between companies and universities of applied sciences,
• increase and establish corporate collaboration, openness and cooperation between universities of applied sciences, and interaction between universities of applied sciences and the surrounding society,
• reinforcing the role of students in teaching and competence development, and
• promote circular economy competence in different areas through communications and the development of teaching. 

The project is implemented through five work packages. The work package coordinated by Turku University of Applied Sciences investigates which learning environments are used at participating universities of applied sciences, makes proposals to develop them from the viewpoint of circular economy and pilots joint use of these learning environment.

The aim is to have the existing learning environments widely used by educational institutes and companies. In addition, TUAS participates in a work package that develops existing and creates new study modules in circular economy.