Page updated 6.4.2018
Circwaste – Towards Circular Economy

Circwaste – Towards Circular Economy

The Circwaste project promotes the efficient utilization of material flows. The aim of the TUAS subproject is to support the establishment of farm-scale biogas plants on a specified region.

The subproject implements the following measures:

  • engaging the interest groups
  • training and individual support
  • trial run on the substrates
  • feasibility analyses
  • communications

“Circwaste – Towards Circular Economy” is a seven-year project that receives its primary funding from the EU LIFE IP programme and consists of 19 subprojects. The project is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The project seeks to find solutions for more efficient utilization of municipal and industrial waste, industrial by-products, construction waste and soils as well as surplus food.