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Page updated 9.6.2020
Be Smart Senior (BESS)

Be Smart Senior (BESS)

Modern ICT devices and online services can help to prevent or defer the above-detailed difficulties. Today’s Internet-based services can help to stay in touch with friends and relatives, can provide health preserving services, can give platforms to share memories, hobbies, and knowledge.

With BESS project, we would like to help elderly people to use ICT devices to help their everyday life, to raise their quality of life and to help them to prevent their personal autonomy as long as it is possible.

With project we would like to set the theoretic and practical foundations of the IT-based education of seniors and to prepare an education, community building platform to help their everyday life, raise their quality of life and to help to preserve their autonomy.

Read more about the project:  smartseniors.eu



BESS project presented in international seminar at Finland/Turku University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Well-being at 30th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2019. 

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Katriina Vesanen, Anne Heikola, Maika Kummel & Sini Eloranta. 2019. Tips for teaching technology to seniors – a pedagogical guide. Turku: Turun ammattikorkeakoulu.  http://julkaisut.turkuamk.fi/isbn9789522167439.pdf