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Page updated 9.6.2020

6Aika: Low Carbon Transport in Mobility Hubs

In this project four cities, Espoo, Oulu, Tampere and Turku develop their traffic systems to become more carbonefficient in cooperation with local business communities by means of research, development and experimentation.

Mobility hubs, which are characterized by large numbers of regular people flows and strong public transport, act as theplatform for the development studies. Each participating city has identified a mobility hub which has potential fordeploying and testing various mobility related services.

Turku Univesity of Applied Science’s (TUAS) role in the project is to execute the project common workpackages measures in Turku region together with the City of Turku and the other project partners. Especially TUAS has a responsibilty in coordinating the workpackage concerning the impact evaluation and spreading the best practices. In addition TUAS has a role as a co-operator in other project workpackages e.g. baseline data-analysis and piloting and developing new services.