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Page updated 9.6.2020

6Aika: New Solutions in City Logistics

The New Solutions in City Logistics project creates pilots together with operators in the field of logistics for new kinds of logistics solutions and service entities in the “last mile” execution. The logistics solutions being piloted include light logistics, autonomous delivery transport and short-range deliveries. The new kinds of service entities optimize the execution of distribution, create prerequisites for joint pilots of various operators and quick trials, as well as help companies use open interfaces and create new service entities. The project will generate practical experience and create business operations based on the themes of city logistics:


1) the operating prerequisites and functioning of proximity delivery stations in joint use

2) new kinds of light delivery fleet solutions and service models 

3) the impact of autonomous delivery solutions on the last mile delivery logistics.

The project will generate new business opportunities not only in logistics but also in the IT and retail sectors. In addition, the project will offer better prerequisites for competitive bidding in the logistics sector.

The project provides opportunities to develop new types of low-carbon operational models, which makes it possible to further optimize transportation needs while increasing the ecological sustainability of logistics. The new light logistics solutions and digitalization of city logistics will make it possible to build new business opportunities and provide new services locally, which improves financial sustainability. Trials utilizing new technology and the transparency of information will create prerequisites for increased equality in the logistics sector. The cooperation between various operators in the project will also promote the inclusion of women in the predominantly male logistics sector.