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Page updated 23.2.2024
Digio – Digital opportunities for sales and customer relationship management

Digio – Digital opportunities for sales and customer relationship management

The utilization of digital and intelligent technology in organizations is increasingly critical for maintaining competitiveness, increasing productivity, and promoting employee well-being. Many organizations require support and encouragement in the adoption and comprehensive utilization of these solutions. There is a need to support employees' skills and capabilities considering individual readiness as part of the implementation of digital solutions and everyday work processes.

Digio responds to the development needs of businesses and organizations in promoting productivity through the utilization of digital and intelligent technology by providing support, encouragement, skills development, and digital readiness.

The goal of the project is to promote the digitalization, productivity, and well-being of organizations. The aim is to provide tangible solutions and tools that help organizations effectively harness digital technologies and innovations.

In Digio, existing methods and content developed in previous projects are integrated and utilized to enhance digitalization, efficiency, and well-being. Building upon these existing solutions, Digio’s actions are implemented to enhance digitalization in sales and customer relationship management, such as micro-training sessions, workshops, and network facilitation. This enables us to serve both proactively those companies in the early stages of digitalization and reactively those companies that have already progressed in their digitalization journey.

The project also promotes networking between actors from various sectors, enabling the development of new solutions for services and products. The training sessions and workshops are open to sole proprietors, micro- and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and organizations, as well as their staff.
As a result, organizations' digital capabilities will improve, digital sales and customer management will evolve, productivity will increase, and the well-being of entrepreneurs and staff will be strengthened.

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