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Page updated 9.1.2023
ChemClimCircle - Integrating criteria for chemicals, climate and circularity in procurement processes

ChemClimCircle - Integrating criteria for chemicals, climate and circularity in procurement processes

ChemClimCircle will address an important challenge in policy integration agendas: the linkage between Chemicals, Climate and Circularity issues in public procurement. All these environmental aspects have been considered in public procurement, but separately and the integration is needed. To function safely in a circular economy, materials need to be circular, climate-neutral AND tox-free. Ensuring this in procurement processes within municipalities is one key for the possibility for a circular future.

ChemClimCircle project will: 

  • elaborate the "ChemClimCircle concept for procurement": assess interlinks, conflicts of objectives and dependencies between circularity, chemicals risks and climate neutrality aspects in procurement
  • develop comprehensive guidance and training modules for municipalities (procurement specialists, decision makers and end-user departments)
  • develop an internal management strategy for municipalities for ChemClimCircle procurement
  • develop an external management support for Eastern BSR municipalities involving all entities involved in GPP in LT and LV to Round tables
  • develop strategies for dialogue and networking with stakeholders: map target groups, initiate contacts and create room for larger action
  • organize 3 international think tank workshops with PP, AO and externals to discuss outputs & findings and receive input
  • promote the ChemClimCircle approach to procurement in BSR

In Finland project consortium includes Turku University of Applied Sciences (partner), the city of Helsinki (associated partner), Motiva (associated partner) and Union of the Baltic Cities (associated partner).

Project leader is the city of Stochholm and the other project partners are Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre, Taurage municipality, Ecodesing Centre, Environmental Centre for Administration and Technology, Smiltene municipality and POMINNO Ltd.

In addition to the city of Helsinki the other municipality associated partners are Gentofte, Västerås, Riga, Tallinn, Šiauliai , Sopot and Dąbrowa.

Project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme 2021-2027. Two year project end in December 2024. Total project budget is 499 940 €.

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