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Page updated 7.9.2022


The project aims to improve the quality of habitats in the water area, waterfront and coastal pastures. By harvesting the reedbed, also nutrients are removed from the cycle and the methane emissions of the old rotten reedbed, are reduced. The harvested biomass is collected for utilization, e.g. substrate and energy distribution. 

Restored former meadows and grazing grounds are offered for farmers to maintain the habitat. The open shoreline is important for many waterfowl and waders that do not settle on shores captured by the reeds. On the other hand, the importance of the reedbeds for certain species, must also be taken into account.

Harvesting is done in Brattnäsviken and Gundviken in Parainen and in Kaarina, in the areas of Kuusisto and Piikkiö bay. The sites in Naantali will become clear as the project progresses.