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Page updated 9.6.2020

Hallå! – Two Languages, a Thousand Opportunities

The project includes cooperation with the Åbo underrättelser magazine, communications agency ÅCommunications and SMEs in the area.

Business administration students of Novia and Turku University of Applied Sciences will develop the communication skills needed in working life in both Finnish and Swedish languages and generate marketing material for companies under the supervision of communications professionals. Swedish is taught in the project, and the students earn ECTS credits by completing projects.

The target group is the region’s SMEs, and the goal is to improve their business opportunities. The cooperation projects carried out by students at Novia and Turku University of Applied Sciences create content in marketing communications in both Finnish and Swedish together with communications professionals of the corporate partners.

The cooperation across the languages will strengthen regional development in the long run and improve the availability of bilingual workforce.